Good news, the school group leaders will have use of the "Palace". (for photos click here) This accomodation has been for the Trust's use only in the past. It is a self contained unit with a small kitchen, new bathroom and three beds. Please contact the caretaker for details.

Wi-Fi access to the internet is now available. If access is required please see the caretaker. $20 will be added to the final account. 

There is Vodafone and now Spark cell coverage at the camp

Please be aware for 2015 / 2016 season Restricted fire season will be introduced for the Waikato district
A restricted fire season will be introduced for all areas of the Waikato district from midnight 19 December. Restrictions already exist in areas managed by the Department of Conservation.
A restricted fire season requires permits to be obtained from the Waikato District Council for all fires in the open air with the exception of fires in gas fuelled barbecues or similar outdoor gas appliances. These fires must not be left unattended until completely extinguished and must not be lit in windy conditions or close to flammable material or buildings.

Camp charges.

Please refer to the online calendar for available dates and complete the online booking request form.

School groups:          $10 per night per teacher, parent help or child. $20 per night for outside providers.


Mishmash TV came to visit The Port Waikato School Camp. Enjoy.


Videos from Youtube of past camps.


Amazing video of the area by Paul Smith.